AngelMaker – Self-Titled

Probably a heavy metal band’s CD cover…you decide.
The quote on the bottom reads, ‘”Wherefore now also, O Lord of Heaven, send a good angel before us for a fear and dread unto them;” -2 Maccabees 15:23 KJV’
That quote makes me think of a bit from the movie “The Prophecy” wherein an angel character (Eric Stoltz? Christopher Walken? I forget) tells another character that basically, Angels were only called upon to kick ass in the name of God. And they wield a terrible, terrible destructive power, so he can’t figure out why anyone would actually pray to meet “their angel” (in that mid-nineties, an-angel-saved-my-kid-from-cancer kind of way), because to meet an angel typically meant you were suddenly soul-deep in a world of hurt…

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