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Summer Internship

Well, mighty quiet around here lately.

After the last posting, I was thrust into the year-ending scramble to finish school projects.

Then I was in the in-between-semesters time of doing-the-things-around-the-house-I-had-let-slide-while-doing-school-work time, with a side order of "unfinished school business."

Somewhere in there I attended the Canada 3.0 conference and trade show in Stratford, Ontario, representing Seneca college, at the personal request of the chair of the School of Creative Arts and Animation (SCAA).

And based on my performance/presence there, I was further invited to represent Digital Media Arts and SCAA at the Ontario Centres for Excellence Discovery 2011 show in Toronto, Ontario.

Got me a CDOT golf shirt and everything!

Wait: CDOT? Yes. That's the Centre for Development of Open Technology, and you can find their web site right here.

Why am I mentioning it? Well, during the Canada 3.0 conference, I so impressed one of the professors who works for Seneca's Office of Research Initiatives, Dawn Mercer, that she asked me to take on an internship - for the summer - with CDOT to work on some CDOT internal projects, and one big project they are working on with an external client. I cannot discuss the nature of that assignment, but suffice to say I'm getting to do real-world research and development in User Experience Design, at the Proof-of-Principle stage. And it's a paid internship. Awe-some.

First thing on my plate was to re-design the landing page for CDOT, as currently they're simply using a wiki page to represent. It looks like every other wiki built on the wikimedia backend, so it's fairly tame (or, ugly, if you want to be blunt). I am told, however, that it's light-years beyond the old "built for Netscape 2.0" version that preceded it...My job is to get the right content onto this page while still adhering to Seneca's own branding. It proceeds apace.

here's the logo for CDOT that I re-did as a vector image for one of the earlier re-design sketches.

c dot logo