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Download Adobe Dreamweaver Widget Browser – Adobe Labs

A useful-looking bit of kit to help you locate chunks of code (widgets) that you can incorporate into your own web designs. Requires Adobe AIR installed, but you've already got that sorted, haven't you?
Download Adobe Dreamweaver Widget Browser - Adobe Labs.


Adobe Edge

Ever wanted to work with Web Animation?

Want to get your animation playing on one of those "closed" devices from Apple?

Well, Adobe Edge will let you deal with Javascript/CSS animation on a timeline, just like Flash, but it'll output HTML5+Javascript+CSS3 files that will let you embed your animation into a page viewable on any reasonably modern web browser. Even those from Apple.

Click here to view an example from the Adobe Edge Preview's small collection of example files.

[to be clear: I didn't create this animation or any of the artwork in it. That's all ©opyright Adobe™, Inc. I'm just putting it up here because I think it's damned cool.]