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Artist’s Statement

Everything that has been made can be re-made. Bud’s work is about taking the world as you find it and re-imagining it as a component, source, or inspiration for something new. Bud sees things in terms of their colours and textures. The colour of visual space can influence or suggest things in aural space, or in the tone of written work. The texture of a sound may correspond to the density of a poem and the strength or variety of a visual image. All sources and disciplines can and should be considered grist for the creative mill.


b. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Bud Latanville is a Toronto-based digital artist with interests in designing interactions, graphics, and sound. He has studied Computer Science and Film Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa; Film & Video Production at York University, Toronto; Object-Oriented Programming at Centennial College, Toronto; and Digital Media Arts at Seneca College, Toronto. One of Bud's images was published as the cover of a chapbook by award-winning poet Alex Boyd.


Portfolios of Bud's work are viewable at, and a weblog is maintained at

Career Intentions

Bud’s career intentions lie in the fields of User Experience Design and Interaction Design for applications and the Internet as a means of integrating his strengths in visual design, sound design, and programming methods. Some key areas of work would include: kiosk design; CD-ROM/DVD/Blu-Ray menu design; Internet applications for artist’s web sites;  Rich Internet Applications.

Computer Platform Skills

Bud has been using computers almost daily since 1982, when his family purchased their first home computer. Since then, Bud has used every major platform, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and (once upon a time) AmigaDOS.

Bud has used Windows (95 & 98, 2000 & XP, Vista & Windows 7) as his main operating system for the last 16 years, in both personal and professional environments, making use of the key Office applications Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Bud also has some experience administering the SharePoint platform.

For a period, Bud used Mac OS X part-time for his personal work, and uses it part-time for school work. He previously used Macs in the mid-1990s in a post-production audio & office environment.

Bud also used his computer skills and understanding of software methods to perform User Acceptance Testing for a large client/server reservations system being implemented by his then-employers, Butterfield & Robinson. The system made use of a custom Visual Basic client to access Transact-SQL databases. It also made use of Microsoft Word as a reporting/document automation platform. The use of Word as a front-end for the creation and maintenance of automated documents was integral to Bud’s position as Fulfillment Manager, and his suggestions helped shape the direction and modification of the document path.

Digital Arts Skills

Bud has developed his skills with Adobe Photoshop for the last 10 years, moving from version 3 all the way to the current Creative Suite. His strength is photo manipulation and collage, and layout. He has some past (version 4) and now recent experience using Illustrator (CS4, 5), predominantly as a layout tool, but he is developing his illustration skills. He has been using Dreamweaver since it was called HomeSite 4 for web design and coding.

Bud has been using computers to make, sculpt, and mangle sound for nearly 30 years. He has done this as a hobbyist musician (, and as an Assistant Sound Editor working on television documentaries.


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